23rd February 2017

Act 1, Scene 1

location: a street

characters: old Capulet, Paris, Servant, Romeo, Benvolio

Paris asked old Capulet for permission to marry his daughter (Juliet). Old Capulet said no and that she was to young to get married and that if he wanted to marry her he would have to win her love.

Then in came the slave who was given a guest list from old Capulet for the party they were going to have. the servant left with the list to go and find someone who could read it to him so he could invite them. The servant went up to two wealthy looking men, (Romeo and Benvolio) Romeo read the list when he had finished the servant thanked them and said if you are not from the house Montague you can come Benvolio convinced romeo to go and romeo said “Ill go along no such sight to be shown, but to rejoice in splendour of my own”.

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