6th April 2018

Act 2 Scene 3

Macbeths castle


The porter complained about the knocking early in the morning. Macduff and Lenox came to the castle and went with Macbeth to see if the king had woken up. Macduff wondered if the king had stirred and Macbeth said he hadn’t yet so They went into his room and found him murdered. They then found who they thought were the killers the guards who were covered in blood with daggers on their pillows. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth act like they know nothing. Macduff and Donalbain talk about their suspicion that the guards may have been set up.

“The night has been unruly: where we lay Our chimneys were blown down; and, as they say, Lamentings heard i’ the air; strange screams of death,”-Lenox

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