8th May 2018

Act 4 scene 3

Location: England

MacDuff came to Malcolm to say it was MacBeth who killed his father. Malcolm was not sure if he could trust MacDuff at first because he had suspicion that MacDuff was helping MacBeth. Malcolm finally decided he could trust MacDuff, Malcolm was angry and was instantly planning to get revenge and said that the king of England had given him 10,000 men. Malcom is angry because MacBeth is driving Scotland into the ground, and MacBeth was ruining the country that he was rightfully meant to rule. Later Rosse entered and Malcolm asks what the country’s trouble is now and Rosse tells him there is a new trouble each minute. MacDuff then asks of his wife and children and Rosse says they were at peace when he left but he had seen MacBeths men on the march. Later Rosse says the main grief belongs to MacDuff and says that his wife and children were slaughtered along with everyone else that MacBeth could find that was connected to MacDuff. Macduff was in disbelief and was furious at MacBeth and was even more happy to seek revenge on MacBeth.

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