7th March 2017

Analysis Essay

Metaphor in Romeo and Juliet

How does Shakespeare use Metaphor to show Romeo’s inner thoughts in Act 1, Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet?

“…He that hath steerage of my course, direct my sail…”. -Comparing himself to a boat captained by god.

Shakespeare uses lots of different sorts of metaphors in Romeo and Juliet to show the thinking of the characters. In act 1, scene 4, Romeo was talking about a bad dream he had, and that this night was the start of what would cause his “untimely death”.

In this scene Romeo says “He that hath steerage of my course, direct my sail”. the metaphor Shakespeare uses in this passage presents Romeo as a boat, by using words like “sail”, “steerage” and “course”. He uses a capital “H” in “He” to suggest God is steering or captaining his ship into the future. Shakespeare, in this metaphor, is trying to explain that “He” God will direct Romeo. Romeo is going against himself and letting God lead the path he has plotted for him.

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  1. This is effective and accurate. Nice work.


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