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below the soldiers a homeless man sprawled out on the pavement begs them to take him. above them air airbus’s carry in the people ready to leave earth to the new planet they know nothing about. The homeless man continuous to beg not wanting to be left in the stripped planet with the criminals and the poor, they were going to be left in the empty planet to fight try to survive with nothing. the prisons were on a timer so when the ships were far enough away all the cells would open letting the most dangerous people on earth run free. the sounds of screaming and yelling echoed through the streets the sound of battles between the soldiers and the poor trying to get into the last ship doing anything they could the brutal soldiers bet them away with their batons leaving some dead on the pavement and others fled while they still could. The roar filled the air birds flew rodents scurried away louder and louder as the engines warmed up leaving for good never to be seen again. the last blast of heat hit as the ship flew up. This was the end. Then came the loud screeching beeping from the prison across the block roars and cheers snapped the silence. Smash, crash glass covers the streets as prisoners look for things to scavenge. A group of men cook a roast over a fire in the middle of the road the smell unable to overtake the foul stench of rotting flesh that fills the cool night air bodies of the dead spread over the tarmac it’s completely dark the once lit up city was now completely dark apart from the few people who had started fires or managed to scavenge torches and batteries from deserted shops. The new day is gray sad and depressed looks from around the street as they wake up realising it’s not a dream they are alone now. The sun rises over the horizon of the ocean.





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